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Founded in 2002, Smart Home SA has rapidly become a key player in the field of integration of multimedia and home automation solutions in Switzerland. Specialising in exclusive residential projects, our company has always pushed itself to the limit in order to offer the best of technology to a particularly demanding clientele. After 17 years in the field of system integration, our company decided to use its experience to create its own solution. Through a new business model, Smart Home SA now develops and markets a versatile ecosystem under its SmartHome brand.


"Science without consciousness is the ruin of the soul", said Rabelais. We take great care to put people at the center of our concerns. Technology must serve our interests and this is how we develop and market our products, without losing sight of our fundamental values of accessibility and sustainability.


The democratization and standardization of home automation. We are convinced that a useful technology is a technology accessible to all. That's why we bring the know-how and methods of the professional world to consumers, while following the evolution of trends in the consumer market.


We are committed to doing the most for our environment, and not just by saving you energy. We are actively working to limit our carbon footprint by sponsoring the 2B Forest Certification Group's green project. As the first company in the technology sector to be a member of FSC Switzerland and FSC International, we also help protect our ecosystem by using environmentally friendly packaging. We are doing our best to improve these aspects which are part of our values.

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