Energy Metering Interface

Energio is a cost-effective device that helps professionals and users to achieve their sustainability goals. It is robust and designed to be upgradeable and can be easily integrated into a boiler room.

No subscription, easy access

Property managers, reduce your operating costs. Once Energio is installed and connected to all energy meters, it securely collects energy consumption data and makes it available on Amika and our online platform, the cockpit. You can export a CSV file to easily integrate the data into any ERP.


Create your account to get free access to the cockpit and download consumption data.

Amika displays all the consumption of the accommodation in a simple and intuitive way.

Sustainable development

By accurately monitoring energy usage, Energio can help improve the overall efficiency and comfort of a building. By viewing their consumption history, residents can adjust their consumption habits. It is the first step towards sustainable development.

38% of carbon footprint
The real estate construction industry represents 38% of the percentage of greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing this footprint is a challenge that the real estate sector has to face.
Developers and builders, it is possible to reverse the bad practices and be responsible by becoming a player in energy efficiency.

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