Why SmartHome's solution ?

Because it was developed to meet the concrete needs of developers and property managers. Because it has been designed to offer maximum flexibility of use and unlimited scalability. Because its installation is easy and flexible. Simply, because SmartHome’s solution satisfies all the players in the real estate ecosystem, from tenants to owners and installers.

Property developers

Sustainability goals

Smart technologies have become an essential part of reducing energy consumption. Amika and Energio can help you achieve your goals and make your buildings sustainable.

Financial concerns

Smart technologies are now available and will not increase the budget of your projects. How is this possible? Because Amika and Energio only replace devices that are mandatory in building construction: the indoor intercom panel and the energy concentrator.

Valued assets

Faced with an increasingly demanding clientele, offer them homes that are connected, comfortable and pre-equipped for advanced home automation. Get ahead of your competitors.

Electricians and Integrators

Expand your offer

As a key player in the construction industry, your role is more important than ever in the implementation of smart technologies for connectivity and sustainability in buildings. Adopting our solution means adding a major asset to your service offerings.

Master the solution

Specially designed to save time and optimise your performance, SmartHome's solution is simpler than ever. You will quickly master Amika and Energio to meet your customers' requirements and needs.

A true support

As an installation professional, you will have free access to our online platform, the cockpit, by creating your own space. From commissioning to maintenance, the cockpit is the essential tool to offer your customers the best of our solution and to be proactive.

Property managers

Easier energy accounting

From our online platform, the cockpit, you can easily view and download your tenants' energy consumption data for free. The downloaded CSV file can then be integrated into any ERP system.

Easier communication

From our cockpit, you can send messages directly to your tenants individually or in groups to notify them when necessary. You know if your messages are being read and avoid endless mailings.

Optimise your operating costs

SmartHome's solution offers you the possibility to drastically reduce your costs related to the operation of your real estate portfolio.

Service providers and Manufacturers

White labelling

Offer your customers an innovative home automation solution that reflects your image. Using our customisation service, your products are branded and available on the market within three months.

Turnkey solution

If you are looking for a completely different home automation solution or if you want to add a product to your range, our R&D team is at your disposal to create your products. Under NDA, we can also modify your existing products to make them compatible with our solution or add functionalities.

Tailored partnership

Just like our solution, we are open to any kind of proposal or simply to exchange ideas. We are happy to help you in the achievement of your projects.

Get started with SmartHome

The Pro's choice for sustainable buildings

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