Human-Building Interface

More than a homebuilding automation supervisor, Amika is a real communication portal for property managers and intercom. It also allows you to easily monitor your energy consumption and control your environment.

A unique intercom panel

Amika can connect to any outdoor intercom panel that uses SIP. It adapts to any interior style and decoration, because once placed on the wall its discreet and timeless design blends in with the environment.

Amika is based on the SIP protocol, and for this reason, is compatible with most of the outdoor intercom products on the market.
When you are away from home, on holiday or at work, Amika transfers your calls to your smartphone so that you can, for example, open the door for your friends, or for the person coming to make a delivery.  

All the features you need

Bridging the gap between the building and the residents, Amika offers a wide range of services to enhance your daily life. From communication with the property manager to heating control and intercom systems, Amika is a true Human-Construction Interface that gives you the freedom to have a home that reflects your image.


If you want a cosy atmosphere, Amika allows you freedom of action! You can dim the light and close the shutters just by pressing a button.


With Amika it is possible to link comfort to saving time and money. At any time, you can automatically start the programming of a new scene.  

Enhance your experience

Amika can operate autonomously, but with the addition of the smarthome ECO application and especially our cockpit, you increase its capabilities tenfold to offer you a unique experience.


A powerful, simple and quick-to-use tool for professionals to manage their Amika fleet.

Mobile App

With the smarthome ECO application, make your smartphone the remote control of your home.

Ergonomics is paramount

More than 6 months were dedicated by our team of experts to develop Amika’s interface, also coupling Smart Home SA’s know-how of more than 20 years of experience in home automation. Amika was designed to optimize all aspects, from installation to maintenance, including end-user use.

For savings
It is easy to install, no loss of time and therefore, no extra cost for the implementation of Amika.
For simplicity
It is easy to use, no need to know home automation to take full advantage of Amika.

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