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Amika was designed with the aim of simplifying the integration of multi-residential home automation systems. To keep up with this continuous technological evolution, our Research & Development team works assiduously integrating new systems and protocols, thus creating the ideal environment for continuous innovation. The incorporation of Wiser by Feller's system creates synergy between Amika's innovation and the leading companies in the Swiss electrical sector.

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We offer an innovative and user-friendly home and building automation solution for both the user and the installer. Amika and Energio are easy to integrate and configure. Moreover, thanks to our online cockpit, you can monitor the status of your customers' installations and intervene proactively, even before they notice a potential failure.

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A real support

We are here to help you! As your partner, it is our duty to offer you fast and diligent assistance so that, in the event of a problem, you can provide an effective solution and guarantee your customers' satisfaction!

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Promotor, architect, developer, do not hesitate to install innovative technology in your real estate projects. We look forward to meeting you and discussing the benefits of installing our products. We can help and advise you for the successful completion of your connected construction.

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