The dashboard of your home

Amika is the most complete and versatile smart hub on the market. With its wide range of compatibilities, it takes control of your home automation installation and your various devices to offer you a smooth experience through a single ergonomic and unequalled interface.

Features supported by Amika


Having a look on your consumption is the best way to adapt your habits to save water and energy.


When someone rings, you can answer them and activate the opening of your door remotely.


Get notified when your property manager send you a message that you can easily read on Amika.


Amika replaces the conventional chime by turning any device into a doorbell button.


Ideal temperature at all times, control your heating remotely while optimising your energy consumption.


Easily and quickly control and adapt your lights in any situation.


Accurate remote control over all of your blinds and roller shutters.

Power socket

Do not leave your devices on standby, easily turn off the power to your connected sockets.


Get a real-time notification if an intrusion is detected in your home.

Anytime, Anywhere

Whether for use or maintenance, Amika is easily accessible locally and remotely. Residents can download the smarthome ECO mobile application for their own use. For professionals, the cockpit displays alerts and allows Amika to be restarted remotely if necessary.

Our online platform dedicated to professionals offers them free access to their Amika fleet.
Our mobile application, smarthome ECO, is available on App Store and Google Play.

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