The energy monitoring solution for your buildings

Energio is the only device you need to monitor your building's energy consumption. Simply installed, connected and commissioned, it collects all the information from the building's energy meters and makes it available on our online platform, the cockpit.

Features supported by Energio


Distinguish between consumption and production, and determine which is more energy-consuming.


Analyze how you use your heating to optimize its performance.

Cold Water

Savings start by avoiding waste, see if there are any leakages.

Hot Water

Reduce your shower time and see what you can gain.


For developers who want their own graphical interface.

coming soon

Boiler Controller

The ultimate step in energy reduction with Amika data analysis.

coming soon

Reduce your current operating costs

No need for a contract or on-site staff to access consumption data. This online service is included with the purchase of Energio.

New construction

Simply specify Energio in the specifications of your building project to avoid overpaying.

Existing building

Basically, replace the current concentrator by Energio and start saving money.

Get started with SmartHome

The Pro's choice for sustainable buildings

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